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MessageSujet: THE END TIMES ARE (NOT) COMING…   Ven 5 Déc 2014 - 18:40


To quote the late, great Brian Glover, “This is rumour control, here are the facts…”
You may have seen a few rumours flying around t’interweb about the end times of 40k.
40k is NOT ending (well, beyond the mechanisms of the Golden Throne failing, the constant encroachments of alien invaders and the insidious corruption of Chaos…).
Context is everything…

This all came about after a conversation I had at the BL Weekender III, where I talked about things I’d LIKE to do in the next Ultramarines trilogy (not necessarily GETTING to do, but which I’d LIKE to do). One of the things I said was that I thought it’d be fun to bring Guilliman back, “probably not in a literal way, but in some form or another, and that such an event would, naturally, have further ramifications for the Chapter…”. I also said that I’d floated a bunch of ideas past the guys at editorial and had received a cautious, “That sounds pretty cool,” response.
And that’s it. That’s as far as any “progress” on this has gone.
So, get those panties unbunched, those knickers untwisted. Keep Calm and Keep Playing 40K.
See ya,
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